Why is it better to take a taxi with Splendid Taxi in White Plains NY?

The main difference between taking a taxi with Splendid Taxi or AA Dispatch Base Inc and other taxi companies in White Plains Westchester NY is the business model, the 24 hour telephone dispatch service and the online taxi booking service with our application " AA Dispatch Taxis" for Android and Apple and the availability of taxis for immediate service.

A well-known taxi company like Splendid Taxi or AA Dispatch Base Inc have a fleet of vehicles and drivers that are mostly their own owners. You can call Splendid Taxi at (914) 949-1333, you can also use our application on a computer, tablet or cell phone or look for a taxi on the street to request the service. Taxis have rates set by the City of White Plains NY and are paid for in cash or card at the end of the trip.

On the other hand, Splendid Taxi or AA Dispatch Base Inc has an online transportation platform that connects passengers with drivers of a vehicle for a taxi service to the airport in New York or a local trip in White Plains and the entire state of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. You can request a ride through the AA Dispatch Inc mobile app and confirm the request. Payment is usually made with a credit, debit or cash card.

Other advantages to using airport taxi services and a White Plains taxi service are our licensed and experienced drivers and you can trust them to meet safety standards. On the other hand, we offer comfort and convenience by allowing you to easily request a ride through our app and see the location of the driver in real time.

What guarantees does a passenger have when using our taxi services?
When you use the services of a taxi, you generally have some guarantees as a passenger:

1. Licensed Drivers: Taxis usually have licensed drivers, which means they have gone through a verification process and meet the legal requirements to operate as taxi drivers.
2. Safety: Taxis are often subject to safety regulations, such as regular vehicle inspections and maintenance requirements. This helps ensure that the vehicle is in good condition and meets safety standards.
3. Regulated Fares: In White Plains NY, taxi fares are regulated by local authorities. This means there are limits in place to avoid overcharging and ensure a fair and transparent rate.
4. Responsibility of the company: If you have any problem or complaint related to the taxi service, you can contact the company or send an email through our website https://taxidispatchbase.com.

For a better 100% effective service without delays and without having to wait for a dispatcher who is busy taking another call on the line to answer, make your taxi reservation through our website or from our app for Android and Apple. Your taxi will be ready in less than 5 minutes. 

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